Company Principals

Randy J. Axvig, PE, LEED AP, President
Mr. Axvig joined Prairie Engineering, P.C. in 1989, and has served as the Bismarck Mechanical Department Head since 1996 and Corporate President since 2013. Prior to being part of the Prairie Engineering team, Randy worked as a project engineer and a facilities maintenance and repair supervisor. His background includes experience in commercial, industrial, institutional, medical and manufacturing mechanical engineering consulting. Randy believes that continued success is driven by good solid design and the willingness to work with clients to help them ensure that their systems are operating as designed and intended.  Energy conservation and easily maintained mechanical systems are of utmost importance in his designs.  Randy is registered in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado. He is also a LEED Accredited Professional in the USGBC program.


Jason L. Hunze, PE, Vice President
Mr. Hunze joined Prairie Engineering in 1997.  He has been in charge of the Minot Electrical Department since 2002 and has served as Vice President since 2012.  Prior to being part of Prairie Engineering, he gained valuable hands-on experience as an electrician’s apprentice, construction estimator, and construction manager while working for an electrical construction company.  This background provides an in-depth understanding of the electrical industry and the relations between owners, contractors, and the design team.  Practical experience coupled with education give Jason a unique perspective which is incorporated into every aspect of his designs.  Individual projects reflect ease of installation and maintenance as well as consideration for future modification/expansion.  An enthusiastic pursuit of solutions for all problems encountered during every stage of design and construction is conveyed to those involved.  Jason is registered in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

Jeremy J. Butman, PE, Corporate Secretary
Mr. Butman joined Prairie Engineering in 2003, and has served as the Bismarck Electrical Department Head and Corporate Secretary since 2010.  Throughout his tenure at Prairie, Jeremy has worked on a wide variety of projects including hospitals, prisons, schools, commercial buildings, churches and public works projects such as street lighting and water/waste water facilities.  The diverse nature of these projects has provided a wide design perspective to incorporating ease of use and maintenance, making considerations for future systems, and appealing to the overall aesthetics of any given project.  Finding solutions to unique circumstances and working with all parties during every stage of a project are items Jeremy feels are necessary to provide a successful final product.  Jeremy is registered in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Minnesota, providing a wide geographical service range.

Caleb A. Bulow, PE, Director
Mr. Bulow became a member of the Prairie Engineering team in 2006, and has served as the Minot Mechanical Department Head since 2012.  He has been responsible for the mechanical engineering on a broad range of projects on a variety of facilities including fitness, religious, educational, medical, hospitality, industrial, maintenance, multi-family, office, prison, sewage treatment (plumbing and HVAC), warehouse, and water treatment facilities (plumbing and HVAC).  The diverse background provides Caleb with the knowledge and experience to design mechanical systems tailored to fit the function of the facility and the needs of the owner.  His goal in every project is to design a mechanical system that functions smoothly and efficiently, providing convenience and comfort year-round.   Caleb is registered in North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Idaho, and Iowa.